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Debate: Does the “Artist Tax” Negate Pirating?

Recently, my best friend came to visit me for a week and -as is tradition whenever we see each other- we marathoned a show together. This time we settled on watching Princess Jellyfish, one of my favorite anime, despite the … Continue reading

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Discussion: Why Not Manga?

This is a multi-faceted question that could apply to a whole bunch of people (I hope. And I hope they find this question on this blog) I’ve always felt like anime is more popular than manga, but for reasons I … Continue reading

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2011 Great Manga Gift Guide- Week 1 Round Up!

It’s been an exciting week for the 2011 Great Manga Gift Guide with lots of excellent entries from esteemed anime and manga bloggers out there. First up there’s Erica Friedman with a Retro Gift Guide full of older shoujo anime … Continue reading

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April MMF: I Finally Finished a Rumiko Takahashi Manga

I have a long and pretty weird history with Rumiko Takahashi manga. When I first got started as a manga fan, Barnes & Noble wasn’t stocking much manga yet, there wasn’t a Borders in my area and I hadn’t discovered … Continue reading

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Discussion: Where's your anime and manga community?

Discussion time! Tell All About Manga about your super-awesome anime and manga community whether they are a group of friends or an actual anime club! Continue reading

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Causing the Death of an Industry

All About Manga discusses why the attitudes of many fans could cause the death of the anime and manga industry and why the industry might already be rolling down that hill. Continue reading

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A Rare Review: Planetes vol.1

All About Manga reviews an out-of-print manga, Planetes volume 1! Continue reading

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