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MMF: Usamaru Furuya’s Genkaku Picasso & Why It’s Currently the Only Shounen Manga on My Shelves

Forgive me for talking about probably the most reviewed, most popular and most accessible Usamaru Furuya manga in the English. I’m sure the other participants in this month’s manga moveable feast have chatted your ear off about Genkaku Picasso, so … Continue reading

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August MMF: Foodie Yoshinaga, Sushi & Me

I have an insatiable Austrian sweet tooth. It’s genetic and it’s OK if you don’t believe me, but just try and keep me away from sweets after I re-read Antique Bakery for the twelfth time. I grew up in a … Continue reading

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July MMF: Fruits Basket, Why Did I Wait to Read You?

I know you are probably all dying to hear my SDCC wrap-up, but I had to scrap it because all I had to say was that all the new digital initiatives are cool (except for JManga.com, which still has potential … Continue reading

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April MMF: I Finally Finished a Rumiko Takahashi Manga

I have a long and pretty weird history with Rumiko Takahashi manga. When I first got started as a manga fan, Barnes & Noble wasn’t stocking much manga yet, there wasn’t a Borders in my area and I hadn’t discovered … Continue reading

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MMF: My Reaction to Barefoot Gen 1 & 2

All About Manga talks about Barefoot Gen by Keiji Nakazawa for the February Manga Movable Feast. Barefoot Gen tells the story of a family greatly affected by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, largely based on Keiji Nakazawa’s own experiences and those of other survivors. Continue reading

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November MMF: I didn't read One Piece

All About Manga for the One Piece Manga Moveable Feast: Why I didn’t read One Piece and why I’m not that eager to hurry up and do so. Continue reading

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June Manhwa Moveable Feast: The Color Trilogy

All About Manga talks about The Color Trilogy from First Second for the Manhwa Moveable Feast: Why do Ehwa and her mother only talk about sexuality, marriage and men and how can we compare them to a modern family in a similar situation? Continue reading

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