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Debate: Does the “Artist Tax” Negate Pirating?

Recently, my best friend came to visit me for a week and -as is tradition whenever we see each other- we marathoned a show together. This time we settled on watching Princess Jellyfish, one of my favorite anime, despite the … Continue reading

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Life of a (Rookie) Editor: Learn By Doing

“Learn by doing” is the motto of my alma mater, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. You’ve probably never heard of the place, but that’s alright. Cal Poly, as everyone calls it, is a very practical school. In fact, the … Continue reading

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Causing the Death of an Industry

All About Manga discusses why the attitudes of many fans could cause the death of the anime and manga industry and why the industry might already be rolling down that hill. Continue reading

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Scanlations and the Anti-Piracy Coalition on Jammer's Animovie Podcast

All About Manga’s Daniella Orihuela-Gruber does another podcast with Jammer’s Animovie Blog! In this podcast we talk about the problems facing the manga publishing industry, the coalition that’s been formed and what we’d like to see happen with digital manga distribution. Continue reading

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