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5 Reasons Why Anime Expo 2013 Was Good For Manga

So, for a while I’ve found anime cons to be a little depressing as a huge manga nerd. Very few manga panels, very few manga sellers in the dealers’ hall and a lot of publishers had relatively negative tones with … Continue reading

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30 Day Yaoi Challenge Going on Hiatus

Hi everyone, Thank you to all of you who have supported and enjoyed my 30 Day Yaoi Challenge thus far. It has been a great success for me in terms of getting an education in yaoi manga and making me … Continue reading

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TOKYOPOP: Past, Present and Future at Anime Expo

Hi everyone! If you’re attending Anime Expo this year, I’ll be on the TOKYOPOP: Past, Present and Future panel Saturday night, 7 P.M., in LP 4 (that’s LACC 411.) I’ll be helping Stu Levy explain what happened to TOKYOPOP in … Continue reading

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All About Manga on Semi-Hiatus

As you can probably judge by my absence as of late, I haven’t been too into manga blogging as of late. This is mostly because I’ve somewhat run out of good ideas, but also largely because of mounting personal problems … Continue reading

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One Year Later: Anime and Manga Bloggers 4 Japan Closing

Today is the one year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and the tsunami that followed it, destroying many lives. I was still awake and online the night of the earthquake and tsunami. True to form, Twitter was quickly inundated with … Continue reading

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Discussion: How Do You Feel About Kickstarter Manga?

Well folks, despite the closure of Bandai Entertainment and the downsizing of Media Blasters, there is some good news for manga in the early weeks of 2012! Yesterday, Digital Manga Publishing announced a new Kickstarter campaign to finance the publication … Continue reading

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All About Manga Panels at Loscon 38, Thanksgiving Weekend

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be on two panels at Loscon 38 on Thanksgiving weekend. (Black Friday, to be specific.) Here’s what I’ll be speaking about: Friday from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm in the … Continue reading

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