The 2010 Great Manga Gift Guide: Week 1 Reminder!

It’s been a week since I launched the 2010 Great Manga Gift Guide. Entries have been trickling in slowly, but I’m not too worried. If you still want to participate you still have until December 15th. That’s 20 days to get yours in! Plenty of time, I hope, but if you feel like you’re having trouble writing yours, please feel free to contact me through this blog or via Twitter and we can brainstorm together.

Here are some of the lovely gift guides I’ve gotten today:

Deb Aoki’s Best Continuing Manga of 2010– While it’s not specifically a gift guide, this list will definitely give you an idea of what the best (and worst) manga on the market are.

Rob McMonigal’s 2010 Manga Gift Guide– Rob’s list isn’t afraid to go out on a limb and suggest manga that you might not think to connect with your giftees, but will spark their interest for sure. He also has a Fantagraphics-specific gift guide in case you’re also shopping for some non-manga people.

Erica Friedman’s Great Yuri Manga Gift Guide-Once again, Erica graces us with fantastic suggestions for people who love yuri manga. Erica being the expert on the subject, I can’t imagine you’ll walk away from any of her suggestions unsatisfied.

As always, you can find out more about the Great Manga Gift Guide in the original announcement post and in the complete listing of 2010 manga gift guides. Happy manga shopping!

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