Happy Thanksgiving, Don't Read (Food) Manga

Later tonight there is no doubt that many of my readers will take to the comfort of their couches, beds or favorite chairs in a pleasant food coma. Many will spend an hour, maybe two, to curl up with manga before bedtime hits and successfully ignore relatives who want to pinch their cheeks or those dishes in the sink. Whiling away the last hours of this delicious holiday with manga is all well and good, but I have a warning for those unsuspecting readers who might find themselves in a dire situation later today…



Do not be alarmed. Simply look away from your volumes of Antique Bakery, Oishinbo and Mixed Vegetables. Don’t even get near Rasetsu unless you want to feel that big piece of pumpkin pie creep back up your throat when the titular character starts shoving cake down her gullet. Shun your copies of Happy Cafe and My Heavenly Hockey Club, at least until tomorrow when you don’t feel like a giant stuffed turkey. If possible, ignore any and all manga that show people eating, cooking or handling any kind of food. If that means all you have left to read is Black Lagoon or Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service…Well, I’m sure your stomach is strong if you already have those titles on your bookshelf. Have a happy, safe and food manga-free Thanksgiving everyone!

This message was sponsored by People Who Made This Mistake Last Year.

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