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5 Reasons Why Anime Expo 2013 Was Good For Manga

So, for a while I’ve found anime cons to be a little depressing as a huge manga nerd. Very few manga panels, very few manga sellers in the dealers’ hall and a lot of publishers had relatively negative tones with … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Jmanga.com

Now that Jmanga.com has opened up its site for all users, digital manga in English has taken another step towards its Utopian ideal. It’s not the most perfect site, but Jmanga does have some edge against competitors.  Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Traveling With Manga

All About Manga talks about how to pack manga for any kind of trip, whether it be for a convention or a trip abroad. Continue reading

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Square Enix Launches Online Manga Store

Square Enix has launched it’s online manga store. What do you think of it? Is it up to snuff or are they going to have to make some major changes? Continue reading

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Digital Manga Publishing Opens Digital Manga Guild

Digital Manga Publishing has just released a new platform that allows groups of people to work on manga for pay (when the manga sells.) What does this mean for the future of digital manga and scanlations? Continue reading

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