I have to say,  I’ve been a little bit shy about doing podcasts because I’ve never thought of myself as a great speaker, but the opportunity was brought before me and now I’ve been in two anime and manga-related podcasts!

Here are the links so you can check them out:

The most recent is the April MMF podcast for Mushishi at Ed Sizemore’s Manga Out Loud, in which I don’t talk very much because the other participants totally out-shined me! That’s ok, they’re all great reviewers and had a lot more to say about Mushishi’s art, story and depth than I did.  I still had a great time though! Thanks for letting me join, Ed!

The second (which is actually my first podcast ever), hosted by Joseph Medina’s Jammer’s Animovie Blog, is A LOT sillier. But I did talk a lot more about what I know about the manga industry. Either way, we got way off tangent many, many times. There is also a fair amount of off-key singing. I tried…!

I hope you listen to and enjoy these podcasts. Let me know what you think because I’m still a little gun-shy, but I want to do more podcasts now. I’d love some criticism!

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2 Responses to Podcasts!

  1. mikeydpirate says:

    haha It was fun talking to you in Jammer’s podcast. haha You were great and have a great voice. Also getting of the tangent is fun. I mean that podcast about Disney songs was awesome…wait…It was about Disney songs right? haha

    • Yup, I had a LOT of fun, really with the whole podcast. Disney songs and all. Also, I got to make friends with you guys! It was really really awesome over all. ^_^ Off key singing and all. (I was off-key too.)

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