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Garage Sale Finds & Off To Fanime!

Hi everyone, Tomorrow is the official start of Fanime, one of my favorite cons in California. I’ll be attending, so my presence on this blog and on Twitter will be pretty limited. (Although I’ll still be checking in when I … Continue reading

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Discussion: More on the Tokyopop Effect

A few days ago, translator Matt Thorn posted on his blog why he was happy to see Tokyopop go. Most of his reasons revolved around the fact that Tokyopop depressed translation rates to way below a living wage by employing entry-level … Continue reading

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Tokyopop Shuts Down Its Publishing Arm

Many of you have heard this already. If not, here’s The Comics Beat story that broke the news. Obviously, Tokyopop shutting down it’s manga publishing arm is pretty devastating for me. In monetary terms, it means half my monthly income … Continue reading

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Borders Vs. Manga Publishers

I’ve had a horribly depressing week.* First, I learned Lillian, Asako and Troy were laid off, then I learned the awful reason why. Borders hasn’t been paying Tokyopop for many, many months, during the holiday season no less, and because … Continue reading

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Life of a (Rookie) Editor: Love and Job Security

Yesterday it was announced that Tokyopop was laying off senior editor Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, editor Troy Lewter and editor Asako Suzuki. My heart sunk. These weren’t just any old layoffs for me; Lillian had been my mentor as an intern. She … Continue reading

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Tokyopop Blog Discusses the FAQ of Manga on Hiatus

All About Manga highlights an exceptional post from Tokyopop’s blog explaining why low-performing titles are put on hiatus, as well as a number of over topics from a sales standpoint. Continue reading

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Life of A (Rookie) Editor: Success and Secrets

All About Manga talks about working as a manga editor, some recent good news and the importance of keeping license announcements from becoming public too early! Continue reading

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