My Life as a (Rookie) Editor: My deadlines are killing me AND my computer

Word of Advice: Don’t get into publishing if you don’t do well with deadlines.

I’m not saying you can’t be a procrastinator or something, but if deadlines make your head swirl until you start crying in a corner, don’t get into any kind of writing or publishing job. Or any job that deals with deadlines on a regular basis.

That being said I’ve had a lot of “bad” deadlines. I had two script edits to finish this week ASAP and luckily for me I made both deadlines alright. They were only bad deadlines in the sense that I’ve been having a terrible and unfortunately busy week and I wound up getting very stressed out.

That being said, I might have to take some kind of short hiatus. The number one reason being that my computer, for some inexplicable reason, has decided to crap out on me and not allow me to access certain sites or parts of certain sites. As you can imagine, one of those sites is WordPress. (UGH.)
The second reason being is that I’m currently at my mother’s house taking care of her after she had a nasty spill and badly sprained both her ankles.

I don’t even know what’s wrong with my computer at the moment or where the best place to take it to be fixed is. Nor am I sure if I can afford it, so until then, posts from me will be short, sweet and a little bit few and far between.

That said, if anyone can offer any advice as to good, relatively cheap places to take computers in for repair in Orange County, CA, I would appreciate it.

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