Name change and Twitter hash tags!

As you can probably tell, I’ve changed the name of this blog from All About Comics to All About Manga. Thank you to David P. Welsh over at The Manga Curmudgeon for the idea. I totally stole it from him.

It was a necessary change. I know a great deal more about manga than I do about comics, even though I enjoy both immensely. I’m not going to stop blogging about comics, but I’m going to focus on manga with a side of other stuff. I actually enjoy all sorts of comics, the various people and lifestyles that come with comics, so don’t expect me to really truly stop. I like manga and I like people. Both are fascinating.

While the name and the twitter account of this blog have changed, the URL has not. I couldn’t get the URL I wanted and I couldn’t think of anything better to replace it with. I’ve had a long, relatively shitty day. Onto the next subject, please!

…I would really love it if my fellow tweeps joined me in a bit of fun.

I’ve gotten into twittering while I’m copy-editing manga at Tokyopop. Not just normal twittering like “OMG I’M WORKING ON V.B. ROSE!!11,” but twittering about really terrible manga cliches and habits under the hash tag #badmangahabits.

At first, I was doing it at my personal twitter account, but then I decided to switch to @allaboutmanga so all of you could enjoy it.

I don’t just stick to #badMANGAhabits. If I happen to be reading a manga and the cliche has to do with a genre, I totally bust out the #badyaoihabits or the #badharemmangahabits. Shojo, shonen, josei… ANYTHING is game as long as it’s about manga you’re reading right then and there.

So, in the hopes that you’ll join my amusing twitter habit, please let me know what #badmangahabits the manga you’re reading holds!

If you don’t have twitter, that’s OK. Just share with us in the comments below!

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