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TOKYOPOP: Past, Present and Future at Anime Expo

Hi everyone! If you’re attending Anime Expo this year, I’ll be on the TOKYOPOP: Past, Present and Future panel Saturday night, 7 P.M., in LP 4 (that’s LACC 411.) I’ll be helping Stu Levy explain what happened to TOKYOPOP in … Continue reading

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I Miss Tokyopop, Sort Of

This post, in its original incarnation was a stupid rant about how I can’t find more work in the manga industry right now. I thought about publishing it today and decided against it because it was just me whining. Then … Continue reading

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Life of A (Rookie) Editor: Success and Secrets

All About Manga talks about working as a manga editor, some recent good news and the importance of keeping license announcements from becoming public too early! Continue reading

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Discussion: Is Hetalia Offensive to You?

All About Manga discusses a commenter who finds Hetalia offensive, why she finds Hetalia inoffensive and what this means from a historical standpoint. Continue reading

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Anime Los Angeles 2011

All About Manga shares a few thoughts on this year’s Anime Los Angeles. Continue reading

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Guest Post: An Average Manga Consumer

Guest Post by an average manga consumer: what is it like to NOT be tuned into manga industry at all? Check out one fan’s discussion on finding manga to read without the help of anyone but friends and back cover book summaries. Continue reading

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Welcome to Webcomics Wednesdays

All About Manga begins to explore the fascinating world of webcomics. What do they bring to the world of comics and what does it mean? Continue reading

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