Do Not Want: the Twilight graphic novel

There are a few kinds of manga that I cannot STAND reading, the most prominent being the kind of manga that teaches boys that it’s ok to fool around with the feelings of multiple girls who are willing to put out because they’ve got a crush. Oftentimes I can’t put those manga down because I’m editing it for Tokyopop so I just have to deal.

TwilightThe Twilight novels inspire the same sort of feelings in me. Luckily when I read it, it was of my own free will and I could put it down once I noticed a pattern of awful writing. Then I burnt my copy of the book. For that reason, I’d like to explain to you why I REALLY REALLY wish Yen Press hadn’t created the Twilight graphic novel.

1. The lessons of the books: Yes, Twilight does teach abstinence… sort of.  Bella really DOES want to get it on with Edward, but he won’t let her. That’s not abstinence, that’s cock-blocking. But before we even get to an established relationship between the two lovers, Edward STALKS Bella because the smell of her blood is so powerfully addicting or something along those lines. On top of that, Bella is extremely passive (except when it comes to wanting sex or wanting to die and be turned into a vampire), depressed and angry at her life for no real reason other than the fact that she’s a teenager. So basically Twilight is teaching girls to be moody bitches with suicidal tendencies who should pounce on the first hottie that shows interest in them. EVEN IF THE GUY IS STALKING THEM. And abstinence via cock-blocking.

That’s not even the really bad part in my opinion. I don’t even want to THINK about how the Breaking Dawn movie is going to visually illustrate the sex scene between Edward and Bella or the birth of their child. The ENTIRE WORLD would be too young to see material that graphic on a big silver screen.

2. The lettering: I saw the preview page online (no, I am not buying the magazine just to look at more pages) and cringed. What the HELL was up with that lettering? Those random word balloons and narration boxes? THE FONT CHOICES!?! Why did they go with serif fonts and a fancy, loopy script font? I hope to GOD that the whole book isn’t like that. I’m not THAT familiar with Yen Press, so I hope this is not their  style. Please tell me it isn’t.

In comparison, the art is BEAUTIFUL. Is this botched lettering job supposed to be easier for the droves of Twilight fans who have never seen a comic book before? If so, screw that. Just because you’re GUARANTEED good sales with this title, does not mean you can get away with doing a shitty job on the lettering, Yen Press. If anything you should be doing your best to make sure even the non-Twilight fans pick this up!

3. The fans: This is complete and utter prejudice and I apologize for not being able to help myself, but there are CRAZY Twilight fans out there and I do not want droves of them discovering comic books. I apologize to the fans who only like Twilight for it’s entertainment value. I’ve met numerous fans like this and I accept those kinds of fans because they prove to be nice when you get to know them.  It’s the crazy ones I have problems with.

I’ve been subjected to extreme acts of fan-crazy over the years. I’ve sat next to the girl who was dressed up as Misa Misa and could NOT stop talking about Light Yagami as if he was real. I have been asked to spend the evening with guys who have no idea what living outside their parents’ basement is like JUST BECAUSE I KNEW THE LUCKY STAR DANCE.  I could go on…

But my point is we have enough crazy fans already and I don’t want more Narutard-like fans in this world. I know there are going to be nice Twilight fans getting into comic books and then there are going to be THOSE fans. I’ll be a bitch if I have to be. Just act like a sane person and I won’t punch you in the face.

I understand why the Twilight graphic novel is being released and why it has a ginormous print run. The books made a lot of money, the movies made a lot of money, so a comic book will make a lot of money. Yeah, that makes sense. That’s cool. Good for Yen Press. Please do something better with the tons of cash you make. Release some good josei or something. HIRE A BETTER LETTERER. Lock up Stephanie Meyer while you’re on a roll and stick her some place where she can’t write another novel. (Look at it this way, you’ll probably be able to milk the Twilight cash cow for another 10 years.)

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  2. der says:

    I can tell you’re visually upset with the upcoming release of this.. er.. ‘graphic novel’, (I myself am really not the least bit thrilled..) but please don’t take it out on Yen Press. They truly have some quality series in their catalogue, and some very promising upcoming releases. And I can assure you the typesetting as seen in the previews of the Twilight novel, are nowhere to be found in their other, regular releases! I suppose it was a rather unfortunate choice.. It might be something to do with it being an ‘manwha’?

    You as a representer/employee of Tokyopop and wondering if YP has any other horrid releases like this, should think again. I think both companies can learn from each other.

    • I’m not really taking it out on Yen Press. Except for the botched lettering job, (is that really something TP needs to learn from them? TP has over a decade of established style guidelines) I think it’s rather cool that Yen Press snagged this license for itself. Good job, Yen Press! Ninety-nine percent chance of making a large amount of money? I WISH that was Tokyopop’s money. So does everyone else who works in the publishing biz right now.

      My problem mostly lies with a) Twilight itself (crazy fans included) and b) that horrible lettering job.

      I’d say that Yen Press is pretty responsible for said lettering, so is it really taking it out on them? I am not exactly going to stop reading their titles just because of one horrible lettering job on one manhwa that I don’t even want to read. Can Tokyopop learn OTHER things from Yen Press, of course they can.

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