Playing Catch-up!

Things have been so busy in my little world!

I’ve been interning at Tokyopop full-time, trying to find a part-time job and getting settled into my new surroundings… I’ve barely had time to do anything except write short tweets. Thank goodness for 140 character limitations! They’re easy to write at work.

I’ve more or less gotten permission to blog about my experiences at Tokyopop as long as I don’t reveal anything important (obviously!) so let me give you an idea of what I’ve been up to!

-Lots and lots of copy-editing! And quality checking and checking that changes have been made and making sure those changes are REALLY made when the pages go back to be corrected… Expect to see my name in the credits of a few manga in a couple of months! (Yaaay!)
-I wrote a tutorial on making crepes for the weekly Tokyopop newsletter! I actually made the crepes and everything, which was fantastic fun because I LOVE crepes. Yuuumm~~
-I’m also running a cat caption contest that’s featured on the Tokyopop homepage!! It’s super cute and all you need is a cat, a camera, photoshop and some funny to win some new manga like Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition 4 or Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo 6!
-A lot of copy writing, which is great practice for me, honestly. Too bad I won’t really get credited for that work, but in a few months a lot of preview copy (as in, In the next volume of….) you see in Tokyopop manga will have been written by me.
-A video project! Hopefully this will result in some fun videos on the Tokyopop site soon.
-Another cooking-related project I can’t really talk about yet. It’s all about a very popular dish though! I know my title isn’t exactly “cooking intern,” but I do enjoy cooking so I don’t mind.

I’ve been having a lot of fun. There are a lot of interns this time and all of us like to hang out and go to lunch together! It’s honestly been a lot of fun. There weren’t as many interns over the summer and we didn’t really click as well.

Speaking of which, if you’re a college student and you want an internship, I really think Tokyopop’s a great place. Even if you might not have the best opinions of the company (I won’t judge you), the people are great and you really get a feel for what working in this industry is like. If you’re not into editing, there’s also design, marketing, legal internships and one where you can work with Stu Levy, the founder and CEO of Tokyopop. I’ve met a number of other interns who’ve gotten into internships outside their college major too so don’t be discouraged if you love design but your major is physics. Here’s the internship page where you can learn more. Remember that it’s not a paid internship and that you MUST get college credit in order to intern there.

Next post I’ll have some choice words about the upcoming Twilight graphic novel being published by Yen Press because I can be a bit of a pessimist.

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