Webcomics Wednesday: More Goodies

Man, it’s been a crazy three-four weeks for me. I cannot believe that I took that kind of a break from blogging, but there was a lot on my plate. (Four Hana to Yume titles, which are the most textually dense manga on the market.) So to help me ease back into the driver’s seat, I’m doing a Webcomics Wednesday (like I promised last week.)

Here’s some good stuff I’ve found in my much-too-long absence:

Doctor Cat by Sarah Sobole is about a cat who is also a surgeon. Need I say more? It’s cute,  funny fluff with a kitty, which definitely earns it some points on concept alone. There aren’t too many comics up yet, but it’s more like a strip-a-day comic where continuity isn’t much of an issue.

Muktuk Wolfsbreath Hard Boiled Shaman by Terry LaBan is about a Siberian shaman who’s hard and gritty like a film noir detective. Instead of solving hard crime, his solves mystical ailments and faces down his worst enemy, a shaman who took the lives of his wife and child. I like the concept and the art is just the right mix of indie comic grittiness and conventional cartoon pudginess.

Sakana by Madeline Rupert is a funny comic set in Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market with a hint of romance amidst the zaniness. (If you’ve ever been to Tsukiji or heard stories, it’s an intense place.) I really like the dysfunctional relationships between all the characters who work at the titular fish shop, especially the uptight sales guy and the sorta creepy butcher.

Lay of the Lacrymer by Mo Demeter is my new absolute favorite. It follows the story of Mary Bones who marries Poseidon (she calls him Davy), has a daughter with him, loses said daughter in a fire and then turns to Davy’s brother, Hades, in order to find her daughter’s lost soul. The result is a deeply interesting and dramatic story with wonderfully thick lines, rich colors and some new aspect of mythology around every corner.

Skin Deep by Kory Bing is about a girl who goes off to college and suddenly discover she’s a sphinx (and her friends are all interesting creatures like nixies, satyrs, gryphons, etc.) I was deeply suspicious of this comic at first, thinking it was some kind of furry webcomic, but Skin Deep has a deep alternative reality and intricate plot going on. I’ve enjoyed both story arcs that I’ve read through so far, but the current Exchanges arc is a great look at the culture Bing has created, letting the reader know how much thought has been put into this world where creatures can hide themselves as human.

Meaty Yogurt by Megan Gedris is a slice of life comic about a girl, Jackie, who lives in a town with a unique curse, everyone born there winds up dying there. Jackie desperately wants to defy the old curse, prompted by a talk with her Uncle Max, but isn’t having much luck because she’s got a number of good things keeping her from leaving. The comic has only begun to get deeper into the back story, but I love Gedris’  loopy way of telling a story.

Well, I think that’s enough for now! Let me know what you think about these comics and pass any favorites of yours that you don’t see here.*

Happy hump day!

*Be warned: If you pass me your webcomic, it might not appear in a Webcomics Wednesday post.

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