Why I love Scott Pilgrim and so should you

I first read “Scott Pilgrim” when a good friend lent it to me a few years ago. Reading the rest of the five volume series eluded me until I got an extremely considerate Valentine’s Day gift from my boyfriend. His other gift idea was earrings, but he forever earned awesome boyfriend-points by giving me comic books instead.
Enough about my personal life because “Scott Pilgrim” is becoming a movie. This news is not recent by any means, but that does not make it any less cool. The “Scott Pilgrim” movie, entitled “Scott Pilgrim v. The World” as is the second volume of the series, is exciting because it largely departs from any other comic book movie you’ve ever seen.

Why’s that, you ask. Well, think about all the comic book movies you have probably seen. “Superman,” “Spider-man,” “Batman,” “Watchmen,” “Iron Man,” “Sin City” and most recently “Surrogates.” Do you see a similarity between any of these movies?

Serious, summer-blockbuster, money-making ACTION movies.

While “Scott Pilgrim” has it’s fair share of  fights, all the characters are  normal hipster kids, a few of whom may or may not have a strange super power. Let’s put it this way, if Scott Pilgrim himself is a super hero, then I’m the President of Venezuela. Pilgrim’s super powers have more to do with being kind of a loser who’s obsessed with video games and his band.

The premise is simple, to get the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim must fight off her exes all the way from an unrequited crush in middle school to a man with more control over Flowers than she lets on. For each ex defeated, Pilgrim wins some coins, a la the old Super Mario games.

What’s important about “Scott Pilgrim” is that there hasn’t been a comic book movie in my recent memory that wasn’t about the action since “Persepolis,” which wasn’t quite the same box-office success as the latest “Batman” movie.  Best of all, people are excited for “Scott Pilgrim v. The World.” Quite promising for a comic book movie that won’t really be focusing on a spandex clad hero and a grossly mutated villain. People will go see this movie, and if it’s done right, it will win the box office.

My only complaint is that Michael Cera is playing Scott Pilgrim. Cera, who has previously starred in “Juno,” doesn’t really scream care-free Canadian twenty-something to me so much as awkward, gangly high school freshman. Perhaps it didn’t help that “Juno” scared the living daylights out of my reproductive system even though I’m not a teen anymore and therefore cannot have a teen pregnancy. I don’t care how much indie-movie cred Cera has, he just doesn’t visually portray the character for me. It won’t ruin the film for me, but it might ruin my slight infatuation with the character.

MSNBC article on a new direction of comic book movies

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2 Responses to Why I love Scott Pilgrim and so should you

  1. sexydiction says:

    I’m with you on Cera, but I couldn’t suggest a suitable substitute.

    I’m worried about this film, in that the comics are such a unique experience, I simply do not know how that will translate to the screen.

    Also, Kick-Ass will probably do quite well at the box office, although not Dark Knight well.

    • I couldn’t either. I’m not familiar with too many actors…I wouldn’t have gone with a hunky, teen idol type though.

      I’m not that worried about the film. It seems like everyone working on it is putting their hearts into it. Hopefully that will equal a great film, but it’s no guarantee.

      As for Kick-Ass, I think it’ll probably draw people in, but might not do that well.

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