Attention Bloggers: iPhone Manhwa App Needs Review

Hi, everyone!

I don’t normally do marketing for my clients on this blog, but in this case I just need to help get the word out to other anime and manga bloggers.

iSeeToon is looking to give out some redeemable codes for it’s Ill-Fated Relationship manhwa iPhone app. In return, those who receive the codes must review the manhwa on their own blogs. Obviously, I’m not going to try to tell you what kind of review you should write because iSeeToon really just wants to get the app some exposure, but I will be checking up on everyone who gets a code to make sure they post a review somewhere online.

I have about four codes at first posting, but I’m sure I can get more from iSeeToon if there are enough bloggers who want to read and review the app.

To repeat, in order to get a code you must have the following:

-An iPhone or an iPod Touch.

-A blog where you can review Ill-Fated Relationship after you read it.

Ill-Fated Relationship is a webtoon, or in other words, a manhwa that is made specifically for the digital medium. It’s not a motion comic and you don’t have to constantly zoom in and out of a page because everything is made to fit to the iPhone screen. The story is about two serial killers who meet and begin a romance that sends them into a strange downward spiral. The manhwa is very dark and creepy. I think it’s a refreshing departure from most manhwa that’s been published in English.

For more information, I’ve mentioned Ill-Fated Relationship on this blog before, and if you want a more unbiased take on this manhwa, check out Melinda Beasi’s review over at Manhwa Bookshelf.

Thanks so much to my non-blogging readers for putting up with this and to everyone who asks for a code.

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Daniella is a freelance manga editor and blogger. She likes collecting out of print manga and playing with her puppy. Yes, someone got her a puppy already.
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  2. Jocelyne says:

    I’d be interested in taking you up on this. I don’t get to read a lot of manhwa so this seems like a good chance to get more in my reading diet.

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