Manga to Make You Feel Good: Oishinbo

I just wanted to get a little post up singing the praises of Oishinbo up here.

It says something to me when I walk into a book store and only plan to buy one manga, something that I REALLY want, I bypass all the great new releases I’ve been hearing about and the Y the Last Man deluxe edition vol. 3 that I’ve been jonesing for and pick up Oishinbo.

There’s just something about the manga, it’s probably the food, that makes it so comforting and fun to read. Perhaps it’s because I like food a little more than I should, but that’s not meant for this blog.

Oishinbo‘s just one of those manga that you can relate to because you eat. You know what rice, fish, vegetables and all sorts of other delicious foods taste like, even if you’ve never tasted the dishes that the characters create for their Ultimate and Supreme Menus, and your mouth waters just a little.

Oishinbo is just a delight of both reading and culinary proportions. Thanks to Viz for bringing in even a small portion of this awesome manga to the U.S.

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