My Life as a (Rookie) Editor: New Books!

With all the craziness happening in my life as of late, I forgot to mention that I found three new books with my name on them! Yaaaay!

So if you’d like to indirectly support me, or at least let Tokyopop know that the stuff I work on is awesome, please buy these books!


Songs to Make You Smile by Natsuki Takaya (4/27)

Karakuri Odette vol 3 by Julietta Suzuki (4/27)

NG Life vol 5 by Mizuho Kusanagi (4/27)

My bookshelf is growing!

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16 Responses to My Life as a (Rookie) Editor: New Books!

  1. Sam Kusek says:

    Is “Songs to Make You Smile” is a short story anthology? Thats my favorite type of manga.


  2. mikeydpirate says:

    You know what be cool? If you buy the books and then take a picture of where your name is in them. haha That be fun to see.

  3. Kris says:

    O.o I’ll be picking up Songs to Make You Smile when it comes out, so I will have a book with your name in it! That’s cool. 🙂

  4. lys says:

    I’m keeping up with Karakuri Odette, and I wanted to check out Songs too… so I’ll be sure to watch for your name in the credits! 😀 Congrats!!

    • Please do! I’m so happy to hear that you’re interested in those series. (I love them so much.)

      • lys says:

        Also, man, I knew Ysabet and the Nibley Twins worked on Banquet, but it’s awesome seeing all their names and yours together on that page. I agree with Kris, it’s super exciting to spot names of people I know in my manga. What a great team!!

        • Why thank you! It was super-exciting to work on that project even though it was rather hellacious. (You’ll see what I mean when you get it. Hooboy.) Everyone put a lot of work into the book too, you could tell. Most of my problems were about fonts and whatnot, not the actual translation or adaption!

  5. Jammer says:

    Nice. I’ll definitely pick up the Natsuki Takaya title.

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