Data Visualization: Best Selling Graphic Novels of September 2009

Hi everyone!

One of my assignments for the class that was to do an alternative story form for this blog. I struggled a little bit with what I should do, but finally I decided on a data visualization chart!

While I would have loved to do the best selling graphic novels of 2009, we aren’t quite done with this year yet and 2008 seems a little old, so I chose to do a visualization on the best selling graphic novels of September 2009.

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Click on the picture to see the full visualization at Many Eyes!

Just to reiterate, I only created this visualization for educational purposes so it should be covered under fair use. I totally respect that this information belongs to Diamond Comic Distributors owns the rights to this information. If the original copyright holder of the information would like to confirm this with me or my professor you can e-mail me at and my professor ,John F. Leach, at

Please don’t sue me. T_T

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