Hourly Comics Day

For some reason, I got it into my head on Tuesday to draw hourly comics for Hourly Comics Day, which is a day were you draw comics for each hour you are awake. (You’re supposed to do them within the hour, but eh.)

I don’t know what possessed me since it’s now been years since I drew regularly, but here ya go:

(Sorry for the craptastic scans. Not to mention the craptastic art and handwriting. Click on the thumbnails and zoom in to see them full-size.)

As you can see, my day was relatively unexciting absolutely fascinating, but I tried to make it funnier for you.

Here are so much better drawn hourly comics…

Sarah Becan

Yuko Ota

KT Shy

Magnolia Porter (See blog post below comic for links)

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2 Responses to Hourly Comics Day

  1. DeBT says:

    Just got the chance to read your mini-comic. I usually avoid them if they require clicking on the thumbnails to view them, and prefer to see them on a single page. I’m neither artisticly qualified nor recollective enough to submit one. (My drawings make Xkcd look sophisicated, and I can barely remember what I did an hour ago unless I’m taking notes) But after seeing your pages up multiple times, I was curious enough to check yours out.

    Right away, I saw that I was obliquely referenced to as the only comment you had to edit. Sorry about that. It won’t happen again.

    • Sorry I couldn’t post the hourlies full size, but wordpress, or perhaps just my wordpress theme, wasn’t letting me do that and was squishing them.

      Anyway, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t feel too bad about posting that link. I can understand what you were trying to do there & if scanlations weren’t illegal I would have kept your comment up there in full. (In case you didn’t see my reply, I just edited out the bit with the link in it.) Please keep reading and commenting here! I will miss you if you don’t.

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